About Paracyte

Producing electronic music since 1996 I went through few different styles of it. I started with some basic techno and Psychedelic-trance as it was what I was passionate in that times. Sometime after, I discovered drum n bass and Breakbeat and that was what I fall in love with... First I was using some basic software, available at that times on my first PC. After few years of trying, I grow up for Cubase. Now, in my home studio I use Hardware and software synthesizers as well as a lots of different programs.
My First album called "Sounds of a different structure" dated on 2007 is a fusion of delicate and hard sounds as well as a melodic and chaotic compositions. Where everyone can find there something for themselves. Works on the second album called "Beyond the north pole" are finished some time ago, album is not released yet officially, but it is available on Chemical-Records website in singles. Currently I’m working on the third album which I called “New Life”. In my opinion as a producer, Third album will be more mature and sophisticated. You can listen some of the tracks here, on my page in "My Music" section. I am also involved as a radio DJ, being already 4 years with "RADIO REWERS" ( www.radiorewers.pl ).
Every Friday, at 7pm till late you can hear me spinning your most loved drum n bass tunes, new releases, old classics, you name it. There is one more project which I'm involved in to but for now, let’s leave a bit of mystery on that...
I Recently won a competition in "POLISH RADIO Channel 4" for best track about space travel and exploring the space. My track "Cassiopeia" got me first place in that competition wining few bits of hardware. So.. Everybody is welcome on my page, also please leave the comments about the music, hope you like it... Safe !

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